Tuesday, October 28, 2014

happy halloween week!

Halloween week might be the best week of the year, second to Christmas of course.  We have so much fun planned this week with the girls.  It started yesterday with Aubrey getting to go to dance class in her witch costume.  I don't remember how she decided, but she told me months ago she was going to be a witch for Halloween.  At first I thought, "how original", but then I was just happy she wasn't going to be a Disney princess.  I'm definitely not anti princess, but she plays dress up all the time and wears those dresses to Disneyland, so I was just glad it would be something different for once!  Since Kate likes to copy everything her sister does, we thought it would be fitting to have her be a little witch, too.  Here are the little Sanderson sisters :)

Last night we also had the girls paint their little pumpkins that they picked out from the pumpkin patch last week.  They loved it!  We also got a big "family pumpkin" for Steve to carve, but we cut it open and it was moldy and disgusting inside!  So that will happen another night :) 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm.

Third post in a day, what?!  We always do lots of stuff in the Fall so there's always plenty to blog about.  Last night we visited Bishop's - more pumpkiny, Fall-y goodness!  (I'm as basic as they come, I know.)  

When did my babies become little girls?  Seriously.

Aubrey is an amazon child.  40 inches at 3.5!  

Even though she had a terrified look on her face the whole way down the slide, she kept going on it again and again!

Dancing away on the hay.  She's got some swagger.

We got a bucket of these amazing warm chocolate chip cookies.  Kate approved.

Kate's pumpkin she chose :)

Daddy and the girls with their pumpkins.  

Feeding the animals.  Right after I took this a goat tried to eat Aubrey's headband!  She said, "Hey, that's MINE!"

apple hill.

Another year, another Apple Hill trip!  It feels like I was just posting about our trip last year - Kate was just a baby!  Now she was running all around keeping up with her cousins.  This year we went with my parents, brothers, sister in law, and their kids.  Our group is growing bigger a little each year!

The girls.. (Aubrey is obsessed with her cousin Gracie)

Can you tell Papa is everyone's favorite?

After waiting in a REALLY long line to get face paint.  Aubrey got a "witch", her latest obsession.  (Her and Kate are going to be the Sanderson sisters for Halloween)  Kate was jealous and kept pointing to her own cheek and saying, "Halloween?"  Sorry Kate - but you would have cried the second a stranger came that close to you, let alone let them paint your face!

And the reason Mama comes to Apple Hill..


Yes, we went to Disneyland again the other week.  This time with Steve's side of the family.  This will be the last time we go this year since our season passes are up soon…we had to go one last time to make the passes truly worth it! ;)  I didn't bring my "big" camera since we had just gone six weeks before.  Plus it's kinda stressful leaving a few thousand dollars in the stroller when you go on rides :/  I took a few pictures on my phone to show for the trip.  As always, the girls loved every second of Disney!  (and the beach)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Everyday Photos.

 Back before I started really learning how to use my camera correctly and opening my photography business, I took a TON of pictures of the girls.  I mean, a LOT.  I always just shot on "auto" mode and had no idea if the white balance was off, couldn't care less if they weren't perfectly in focus, & basically just enjoyed the pictures as they were, because I didn't really know any better.  

These are really the only non-iphone pictures I have of the girls from the Summer. (Besides studio pictures & vacations).  While they certainly aren't perfect, I sure wish I would have just let go of trying to make sure they were "perfect" and took more.  It's so much easier/quicker using my phone to take pictures (and I don't have to mess with any settings to make them "perfect".), but nothing beats the quality of an actual camera. 
 I absolutely love photography and how you can freeze a moment in time, & be able to look back on them and remember so many wonderful memories.  These pictures are all just of the girls around the house, doing the day to day stuff, but those are my favorite kind of pictures.  The ones I'll look back on when I have grey hair and just cry happy tears because this is what life looked like during this time.  Because life. was. good.

Aubrey discovering water balloons for the first time.  

Where we spend the majority of our days: the play room.  I cannot express how amazing it is to have these two be able to PLAY WITH EACH OTHER now.  Those rough first few months having a newborn and tiny toddler were so worth it!  They can entertain each other for such a long time now, in between little scuffles ;) 

Morning jam sessions.  Golden Oldies Pandora, blasted through our sound system.  This is how I'm able to make breakfast!  They love music and dancing.  One of my earliest and fondest memories growing up was listening to the oldies with my dad.  Now I get to dance with MY little girls to the same music.

Bath bubbles.  No matter how many baths they've had, bubbles never get old to them! 

A rare "still" moment of the girls.  Love these ones so much.

 My muse.  She's always letting me practice on her & for that I am so grateful!  I'm always trying new things & teaching myself more & more.  

Me and my girl.  We dressed up, put on crazy lipstick, velcro rollers, and had a blast.  Need to frame this one big!

Baking day!  Sometimes I'll just give the girls their own mixing bowl, a bunch of random spices, & a cup of water or oil, and they will "cook" for me.  Best thing ever.

Yesterday was the first day it rained in months.  Not only have we had a REALLY bad drought in California this year, there was a bad fire recently.  It was a major blessing.  Aubrey looked out the window in a trance.

Sharing is caring.  I swear Kate isn't holding a syringe.  It's a pen that looks like one!

Bedtime prayers.  Truly no sweeter sound than listening to your babies pray.  Kate just mimics everything Aubrey says and then both finish with a distinct, loud, "A-MEN!"