Wednesday, July 22, 2015

third trimester!

^^^28 week baby bump^^^

As of this week, baby girl & I are officially in the third trimester!  That second trimester honeymoon stage sure flew by.  I am feeling pretty good, aside from occasional restless leg syndrome (so random but I get it every pregnancy, it's super annoying), and the baby starting to kick my ribs at night.  I am carrying her so high and she loves to party all night long. ;)  My lower back also has started to hurt pretty bad at the end of the day.  It seems most of my pregnancy complaints happen at night.  But honestly, I will take just about anything over the first trimester pregnancy nausea!

I finally started packing on some pounds this month - I'm officially up ten pounds since the start of my pregnancy.  At this point with Kate's pregnancy I was up 16 pounds already - so I'm not sure why I'm so behind but I guess it's not a bad thing.  I feel like my belly is so big this time around, but when I go and look at belly pictures with my other pregnancies, I look the same.  I guess I just carry way out there in front - no where else to put this baby!

The past month I have started getting some baby goodies we needed.  With Kate, we pretty much used all of Aubrey's old things.  We got a new bassinet (our old one had rat pee all over it from storage, no thanks) a new rocking chair, and swing/bouncer. (Aubrey broke our last one when Kate was a baby) Thankfully we have all the other big stuff like a crib, changing table, dresser, stroller, car seat, etc. etc!  I'm excited to decorate ANOTHER baby girl nursery, however I can't do much while we are at the apartment.  We are putting the new baby in a bedroom close to us, and away from the other two girls, so hopefully they won't wake each other up!  

I think that's about it for baby stuff - I really do love being pregnant and am always amazed at how fast it goes by!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

all american girls.

 This post is late, but better late than never I suppose?  Our 4th of July was a great one!  We started off the weekend by celebrating my nephew's 2nd birthday, and taking the girls to see "Inside Out."  They really liked it.  (I wasn't that impressed, although I did cry - I cry in everything though so no surprise!) Even Kate sat through and watched through the whole thing, which we were a bit nervous about.  They slept in like a ROCK the next morning.  
On Fourth of July we started off our morning by going to the city's parade.  The girls had fun waving their flags around and watching the parade.  After that we visited Steve's family, & went back to the apartment to rest and gain energy for the rest of the day!  Later the girls went swimming with their cousins at my mom's & we had a BBQ.  We ended the night with fireworks and root beer floats.  We all stayed up way too late but that's what holidays are for, right?

I love the USA and these darling all American beauties!  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tahoe 2015.

This past weekend my family drove with me up to Tahoe to enjoy it's beauty.  Steve was already up there in charge of a tournament, and thankfully this trip he was able to spend lots of time with us!

We stopped at the lake and both girls were SO brave in the cold water.  I couldn't go in past my knees!  

Aubrey tried burying herself and wanted NO help.

I didn't think Kate would really go in the water too deep so I didn't bother with a swim diaper.  Baby got back!

We relaxed for a bit at the condo, then had dinner and ice cream at the CUTEST little ice cream shop ever.  Those chairs!  And that little girl! :)

These two always impress me with how well they do on vacation.  It's not always easy skipping naps, getting off routine, and driving places when you're little, and they did great!

While the kids sleep, mom & dad get some relaxation time!  

Such a good daddy - he doesn't even blink when the girls ask to be carried.  You better believe they'd be walking if they had asked me!!

The next day we took a drive to Emerald Bay. Soo beautiful!  

Love my guy.  

Nothin' like Grammy!

My dad took this cheesy picture of us.  I kinda love it!  I love pictures with just us in it.  It rarely happens since we've had our little monkeys!

Always a daddy's girl.  I got my love of taking pictures from this guy and I'll be forever grateful.

Everyone else's kid always has hair in their eyes and scratches from unknown reasons on their face, right?!

Time to sign up for life insurance!

On a little walk by the condos with Papa..
Looking for dolphins (lol) while waiting for breakfast.  I look at this picture and imagine another little girl standing next to them.  Next year I'll have three girls tagging along with us in Tahoe!!  This makes me so giddy (and a little tired just thinking about it!)

Until next year!  Always a little sad to leave this beautiful place.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

when i grow up.

Last weekend Aubrey had her end of the year dance recital.  Her class danced to Shirley Temple's darling song, "When I Grow Up".  There probably was never one moment during the whole dance that any of the girls were doing the same move at the same time, which always makes for hilarious and adorable entertainment! They all shouted the song at the top of their lungs while dancing - so funny!  I just love watching her up there with all her cute facial expressions.  She makes me so proud!

As always, I took some pictures of her in her recital costume in my studio.  This girl has seriously got posing down.  She gets up on the stage and we play the "1, 2, 3, pose!" game and her moves are just so sassy!  This kid kills me.  We spent the morning getting her all gussied up - hair rollers, blush, and lipstick.  It's the one time of year she gets to act like a little diva - and the one time of year I get to pretend to be a pageant mom.  (Don't worry - I would NEVER!)

We brought Kate to the second show so she could watch Aubrey, and she LOVED it!  Every time a dance would end, she would clap her hands and shout, "Anudda one!"  She has such a hard time every Monday watching me take Aubrey to dance, she ALWAYS cries and says, "I wanna dance toooo!"  I always feel bad - it's hard being the little sister sometimes!  

Right before the show.  

Proudest mama ever!  Love my big girl.

Monday, June 15, 2015

23 weeks. (Pink Blush Maternity, Part II)

I love this flowy, floral chiffon dress from Pink Blush.  It's perfect for church or a date night with the hubby.  It's totally wearable for post-baby too and bonus - nursing friendly!

23 weeks of this pregnancy has come and gone.  I'm enjoying this stage of bumphood so much - it really is fun being pregnant once the sickness is over.  I thought I'd do a little pregnancy survey like I did with my other two pregnancies this time - for old time's sake!

How far along? 23 weeks

Total weight gain: 6 pounds since the start of pregnancy.  

Maternity clothes:  Yes - from the amazing Pink Blush Maternity.  (Pictured dress above from there)

 Stretch marks? Nope - my last two pregnancies I used Burts Bees Mama bee oil and it worked like a charm.  I haven't been able to find it at the store anymore so I've been using Mustela - so far so good!

Sleep: Sleep is okay but I have to wake up to use the potty once a night and sometimes I can NOT fall back asleep :(  

Miss anything? Well, I missed being able to ride most of the rides at Disney last week!

Movement: Yes!  Mostly in the morning and right before bed.  Probably because that's the only time I can really lay and rest and notice it!

Anything making you queasy or sick: No thank goodness that awful stage is long over.

Gender: Girl

Labor signs: occasional braxton hicks, thankfully nothing more than that

Symptoms: Definitely sentimental and emotional - but I think I've been that way since becoming a mom.  Besides that, movement, and a baby bump - I wouldn't feel very pregnant at all.  I know the rib kicks, heartburn, and back aches are on the horizon though...

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy girl over here!  Every day I feel blessed to get to carry and someday meet another baby girl.

Looking forward to: eating ice cream and brownies tonight, if we're being honest :):D

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kate Brielle - 2.4 Months

Somehow my baby is almost 2.5.  Not sure how that happened, but I do feel like she is in need of a little update!  

Gosh I love her.  All day long she just tries to make us laugh - and succeeds every time!  The other day, she was picking her nose and we said, "Eww!  Don't pick your nose!" and she looked at us and said, "Just ONE booga, otay?"  I mean, otay Kate. If it means that much to you!
 She is naked about 90% of the time.  We get home from runnings errands or whatever and the first thing she does is strip down to her skivvies.  (And sometimes those come off too.)  Good thing she has the cutest buns ever!

She has the cutest voice of all time.  I really need to get her on video so I never forget.  My favorite is her voice when she is playing with toys and "talking" for them.  It's so high pitched and hilarious. She's in the really really adorable toddler talking stage where pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth sounds dang cute.  If you tell her not to do something, she will say "Otay, mommy.  I don't."  

Her favorite things to do these days are play dress up, (if she's not naked she's probably in a Cinderella dress), go swimming at the apartment pool (with her floaties she can swim "all by herself!" and she yells "I doggy paddle!" the whole time), & do "awts & cafts".  

Each day she needs me a little less, (especially with that big sister to entertain her), but each night she still requests that Mama (and ONLY Mama) snuggles and sings to her.  I know that those times are limited so I don't think I could ever say no!  

I feel so lucky to get to love her and be loved by her.  She is such a sweetie & fun to have around.  Kitty Kate, Katester, etc. - you are one loved little girl & I hope you always know it!